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‘Your True Identity Speaks Of Value’

Corporate identity is the word to begin with. It speaks of what you believe in that will shape the future success of your business. Over the years since the establishment of T&L Office Workshop in 1997, we have seen & experienced the different genre of business demand from the marketplace. These endeavours had evolved rapidly and more so, radically in the last decade largely due to the social & media technology move.

Compelled with such vast changes in the business arena, we have re-learn on how to identify the software instead of the hardware that could easily be tailored or customized by numerous service providers from the market. To see to our continuous sustainability, we have begun to defy conventional ways by identifying and understanding with full knowledge on how to create an atmosphere or a culture that best reflects and protect your true corporate identity because we strongly believe that this identity speaks of value, confidence & reverence to people who are involved – stakeholders, employees, vendors & customers alike.

Essentially, not only time and money is the essence to enable this cultural platform to be put in place, getting the right and correct partner to drive and deliver such creation is equally crucial because you need a source of breakthrough that is able to think beyond the fundamental process of not just space planning and maximum efficiency. So start to live out your true identity today with us and see your influence made real with success.