Design / Space Planning

Your Imagination to Office Reality

At T&L Office Workshop, we specialise in office interior and have an enviable reputation in designing innovative environment for a wide variety of clients. For each of our project, we have a tailored project team to work with you, bringing together the requisite skill sets and knowledge to provide all elements of the design package.

We stay with the project throughout, giving us an opportunity to develop a real understanding of your objectives and business culture, while maintaining continuity throughout the process.

As our design teams are closely involved with the delivery process, they have a practical and problem solving approach to office design and possess a can-do mentality to assist you in creating inspiring working environment.

Innovative Space Planning

Our entire design consultancy services can be used as a completely standalone package. Once the work is completed, you are free to use this in any way you wish as you own the intellectual property.

We can provide innovative solutions to help you make the most out of your space. Whether you wish to increase productivity, accommodate more staff or simply create a more comfortable working environment, we can devise a re-configuration plan to help optimise your workspace.

We can also help to implement alternative working systems, such as office zoning, hot-desking, touchdown areas and breakout zones to ensure that your space is used to its maximum efficiency, whilst helping to promote interaction and communication to make your business more effective.